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The History

Rising Royalty Apparel started as a pipe dream 6 years ago in 2015. With the consistent grinding and focus we took our dream and turned it into reality. We placed our first bulk orders and attended out first events 2016, we received amazing feedback from our peers and our customers to continue driving the business into the new year with a new vision in mind. But we knew we could do more.

We rebranded in 2017 with the vision to do merch fulfillment and branding for up and coming musicians, while we grew our brand. Around 2019, we had numerous musicians under us, our sales number were up and we had our stock in a few retail locations. Fast forward about a year to 2020 Covid-19 delayed shipping for our manufacturing partners a substantial amount. We built this brand with the idea of quality over quantity which meant we had to adjust our procedures to prevail. After some adjustments and some new connections we ran through the year continuing the fulfill orders and uphold that quality of work we worked hard to get too. We had a new focus.

December of 2020 after a crazy year we came up with a solution. We launched a sister company "Rising Royalty Services" to lay the blueprint for Marketing, Web Development, Branding, and Manufacturing. With our newly recruited team and our new vision in mind we're in the works of building a manufacturing studio in house, as well we're continuing to do Product Manufacturing, Branding, Advertising/Marketing, and Website Creation tailored toward up and coming musicians, influencers, and small business's under the Rising Royalty umbrella. With those newfound skills and resources we plan to take Rising Royalty to the next level and make it a household brand name.

We plan to continue to overcome our obstacles and work on our foundation of being home to
The Frontline Millionaires, The Hustlers, The Entrepreneurs, The Winners, and The Achievers of this world. Together we can establish a community of "success" and help uplift our community by giving back, and helping those in need and getting them back on the path of success. We appreciate all of our customers, our clients, our friends, and our family who have consistently supported us throughout the years and we just wanted to let you know,
This is only the beginning.

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