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How to become an Ambassador

Before I explain how to apply, I'm going to explain what an ambassador does and what you get out of becoming an ambassador. As an ambassador, you will be an official representative of Rising Royalty. You will receive a discount code and you will be able to give this discount code to potential customers. In return, we give you direct access to our exclusive products, discount codes for different stores. You will also earn a percentage of profit that you make per customer. In addition, there are opportunities to promote yourself while being a Rising Royalty ambassador. You'll also act as a scout as well, and you'll get paid if/when you bring in talents. Becoming an ambassador is really a great way to self promote, get paid, and work with Rising Royalty! As for applying and getting accepted, we are very selective when it comes to picking the faces of Rising Royalty. Some things we look at and consider before we choose you is social media presence, how memorable you are in your application, ability to promote and sell, and style of clothing. Just keep those key points in mind before applying. We'll explain in great detail all the extra features that we don't already have listed and all the things you are expected as a ambassador, Keep in mind this isn't a job. This is purely a resource for you to use for extra income on top of promoting a growing brand. You get access to so many different tools resources and people. It's a perfect networking hobby. Simply send us an email to RisingRoyaltyApparel@gmail.com with your contact info, why you'd like to become an ambassador, and a few words about yourself.