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How to get Sponsored

We are always looking for people to sponsor! It doesn't matter what you do, or how you do it. If you have a solid fan base and or make quality content/work, we would love to promote and grow with you! The way our sponsorship program works is simple; we will find who we want to sponsor, we will contact you, and if you have a solid fan base we will reach out to you and propose a sponsorship plan. Once we begin sponsoring you, you will receive a discount code for our products so you can check out what we have to offer. In some cases, we may offer a manufacturing partnership as well. We handle all the websites and manufacturing of fan merchandise so you can market your very own product to your fans and get a percentage of each sale without having to worry about manufacturing, shipping, or finding somebody to design your work. We’ve got it all handled! You simply keep doing you and perfecting your craft. If we do not contact you first, do not hesitate to contact us to apply for a sponsorship! Email us at RisingRoyaltyApparel@gmail.com with your talent, how you’re going to be using our sponsorship program (I.E. custom merch, our promotion methods, our connections ect), and a portfolio or a link to let us see your work, hobby, or profession!