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Join Our Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is a program that we have set up with other companies. We work out percentages of sales and redirection pays to and from our website. We're looking to grow rapidly across several different types of companies and we would love to help other companies grow with us! Our goal is to group promote for all companies involved and to get noticed - we would like to reach a diverse population and being affiliated with us can also connect you with other talents and companies. You will have direct contact information to all of our talents if you would like to reach out to them for a direct deal. You will also be featured on several of our ads if the product pertains to the ad. For example, if you have a shoe or sock company, we'll feature the product in modeling pictures and give a shout out. In addition, we also have round the clock social media advertising that hits twitter, instagram, and facebook. This will ensure your brand on our affiliates page and other numerous advertising methods will be blasted across a vast amount of people. If you want to reach out and sign up for the affiliate program we would love to work out details with you! Simply contact us via email at Risingroyaltyapparel@gmail.com