Home to the Frontline Millionaires.

About us

Our Goal

Our goal here at Rising Royalty Apparel is more than just clothing. It is to inspire and to show a lifestyle of working hard and setting goals. Always do your best to rise to the top of whatever you are doing. Never settle for less than the best you can be. Our message is simple, it doesn't matter where you start. Hard work can take you wherever you want to go. We encourage everyone to follow their dreams and use the same Rising Royalty Apparel mindset we have. Remember it's more than just clothing; it's an entrepreneur mindset and a way of life devoted to working hard for what you want and never giving up.

Where We Came From

Rising Royalty Apparel is based out of Pensacola, Florida. We started off as a small team who learned everything we know by working hard for what we have. Hard work makes you think differently, and we believe this is a very powerful mindset. If we can change a generation and give everyone the hard working mindset, who knows what amazing things would happen?

What We Want For The Future Of The Brand

We want to start a movement of hard work and belief you can get anything you want. We will be working to get into stores around the nation, so look for us in your local street-wear stores soon! In addition we're in the works Rising Royalty Services, Rising Royalty Studios, and Rising to Royalty Podcasts.


Matthew Nickell, Owner.